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Laravel 8.19 Released

Laravel 8.19 Released

The Laravel team released 8.19 yesterday with delaying queue jobs until after a transaction, a schedule:listartisan command,job encryption and the latest changes to the 8.x branch:

Delay Queue Jobs During a DB Transaction

The ability to delay queue jobs until after all database transactions are committed:


    $user = User::create(...);



You can also configure queue connections with the after_commit boolean to make this behavior the default. In the case of rollbacks, jobs are discarded.

Add has() method to ComponentAttributeBag

A new method to determine if a given attribute is present on a component, which returns a boolean:

@if ($attributes->has('class'))


Class Attribute Present


Add schedule:list Command

Schedule:list command: to list out scheduled task details. This feature is inspired by the ThenPingMe thenpingme:schedule command.

Introducing Job Encryption

Introduction of queue job encryption, providing a UsesEncryption interface that will encrypt the command inside the payload and decrypt it when running CallQueueHandler.

Release Notes:8.19.0


  • Delay pushing jobs to queue until database transactions are committed)

  • Added Illuminate\View\ComponentAttributeBag::has()

  • Create ScheduleListCommand 

  • Introducing Job Encryption


  • Handle Throwable exceptions on Illuminate\Redis\Limiters\ConcurrencyLimiter::block() 

  • Fixed PDO passing in SqlServerDriver 

  • When following redirects, terminate each test request in proper order 

Performance improvement

  • Improve performance for Arr::flatten() 


  • Added id to ModelNotFoundException exception in ImplicitRouteBinding